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The purpose of this community is for adults to post their secret sensual/sexual fantasies. Nothing needs to be graphic though it is allowed to a certain extent. We here are very openminded but there are a few things that won't be tolerated:

1.) Fantasies involving children or minors engaging in sex acts
2.) Rape
3.) Furries, Plushies, and Beastiality
4.) Adult babies
5.) Scat porn / Golden showers
6.) Michael Jackson. He violates #1 and #3 instantaneously.

If you violate one of the above rules, you will be forcibly banned and then sterilized with a chair leg and some broken glass. Seriously.

On a side note, this is not a place to post fanfiction, etc. It is a place for people to safely divulge their fantasies without fear of reproach, not to post masturbatory material or erotic literary work that they are wanting critiqued. Enjoy!