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my first post here

hello everyone i'm new here. and well i feel like sharing a fantasy.

i just talked to my friend nick today on the phone. (him and i are both into bdsm. since he lives far from me at the moment, on occasion we have phone scenes that eventually lead into phone sex.)my current fantasy right now, since i'm in a submissive mood, is for him to grab me and start kissing me aggressively. he then strips me and throws me onto the bed. and then ties me down. he then makes me ask for a kiss and just teases me for it. he lies his lips close to mine and breathes on me. when i least expect he kisses me rather deep and hard. he bites my lips and then licks and bites my neck. after he's done, he starts touching my body with his finger tips. he just glides them down my skin and causes me to shiver and move a little bit. when he gets down towards my pussy, he just lies his hand on top just to make me excited. and he'd say to me "i'm not going in yet. you have to earn it." he puts a blindfold over my eyes and then takes his tongue down my neck and to my stomach. licking and teasing. he then uses icecubes down my stomach, which would probably make me scream or giggle. he'll then tell me to shut up and as punishment, he gives me three or four hard smacks on the ass. he tells me about how i'm such a bad, naughty girl. and that i haven't earned to be eaten yet. after an hour of being teased, he takes off my blindfold and tells me to beg to be eaten. after begging, he moves his tongue down my body and into my pussy. he starts licking my clit very slowly and then fast and back to slow. while he's doing that, he starts fingering my vagina. and makes me moan pretty loudly. he gets frustrated and stops. he looks at me in the eyes and climbs up on top of me. kisses me and bites me lips. he tells me that i'm his and that i have no control over it. and he begins to fuck me rather hard. while he's inside of me, he's biting and licking my neck. and whispering things into my ears. after he's done "using" me, he unties me from the bed and holds me close to him. and during the rest of the night i sleep in his arms.
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