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Position question

Pardon the crossposting
I've been with my GF now for almost two months. We have discovered that we are intensely sexually compatible, and so still have a sort of "honeymoon" air hanging over our relationship. I felt comfortable anough recently to try a position that I hadn't used in a long time, because it is very aggressive and requires that the woman be comfortable with the implications of it and that she be, well, sturdy enough to enjoy it with all 240 pounds of me. I call it the "V" is for Viking position, she calls it Divide and Conquer. After due research, I find that it is commonly known as the Slave position.It has several advantages for me.

After a few minutes of basic missionary, I lean back and raise myself up on my knees, still inside her. I grasp an ankle in each hand, spread her legs out at least as far apart as my shoulders, and commence a-Viking. What this does is it allows me to redistribute my weight through her legs so that I can devote more energy and endurance to my lower body. It also does several very obvious psychological things for me, like giving me a panoramic view of my woman, and pushing all my dominance/control buttons. As an extra added bonus, as I was setting it up the other night, she said,"I think this is my new favorite position,", and "You are like a god when you are doing this." Ya gotta like that. Anyone else have any experience with the slave position?
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